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Dear RSC colleagues, partners and friends,

Darren Gilmour

At the outset of year two of our strategic plan, the Walter House team has been focused on ensuring that RSC Academy and College selection committees are once again properly supported as they pursue their adjudicatory work. Beyond our sine qua non, the team is preparing the terrain for several initiatives throughout Canada and internationally in the coming weeks:

  1. As parts of its winter planning meetings on February 21 and 22, RSC Pacific is holding an event and reception. More information is available here
  2. On March 6 in Tokyo, the RSC will contribute to the finalization of the G20 declaration of the Academies, focused on threats to marine ecosystems.
  3. On March 15, the RSC is hosting a lunchtime event at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa with the objective of presenting possible next steps with respect to the legislation governing medically-assisted dying in Canada. Click here for more information and to register.
  4. Also, on March 15-16, RSC Atlantic, in partnership with Memorial University and For a New Earth, is convening an evening of music followed by a day-long symposium addressing The Future of Oceans in St. John’s. Click here for more information.
  5. On March 24-26 in Paris, the RSC will contribute to the finalization of the G7 declarations of the Academies, focused on “Science and Trust,” “Artificial Intelligence” and “Participatory Research”, 
  6. On April 18, RSC Quebec will host an event featuring presentations by new RSC members, as well as a panel discussion on the science society disconnect and ways to build public trust. 

As we host the team of Canada’s Chief Science Advisor at Walter House this week, we are mindful of the convening opportunities offered by our beautiful home, and invite you to please drop in for a visit the next time you are in Ottawa. 

Yours in RSC,