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The 2019 New Fellow competition is presently closed.  

Next Fellow nomination competition will be open from this September 3 to December 1, 2019. Each year the RSC elects 86 Fellows plus International and Specially Elected Fellows in one of the following Division:

Academy of Arts and Humanities

There are three Divisions of Academy I 

(I) An Anglophone Division (I) - Humanities
(II) A Francophone division (II) - Lettres et sciences humaines
(III) A bilingual Division for the Arts (III) - Arts

Academy of Social Sciences

There are two Divisions of Academy II

(I) An Anglophone Division (I) - Social Sciences 
(II) A francophone Division (II) - Sciences sociales

Academy of Science

There are four Divisions of Academy III

(I) Applied Sciences and Engineering Sciences
(II) Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
(III) Life Sciences
(IV) Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Each Division of Academy III is comprised of both English-speaking and French-speaking Fellows.


The 2019 nomination guide is presently under revision and will be available during the summer months.

If you have any questions regarding the Fellow nomination process, please contact Marie-Lyne Renaud at or call 613-998-9920.